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Consultations & Appointments

Do you have disabled access at the clinic?

At The London Clinic in Marylebone, there are several steps leading to the front entrance. If you require assistance with the steps or have any other special requirements, please notify us in advance when booking your appointment. Our admin team will be happy to assist you with all necessary arrangements during your visit. While there is drop-off access outside the clinic, please note that parking on is restricted to resident permit holders only.

The Shard is fully wheelchair accessible, with step-free access and lifts throughout the facility. Please note that there is no parking available, but there are drop-off and collection points conveniently located nearby.

Do you offer a translation service?
If you require interpreter services, we are able to arrange them for you. To ensure that we can make the necessary arrangements, please inform us in advance. Additionally, if you require accommodation or assistance with travel arrangements, we can help with that as well.
When should I book a follow up appointment rather than a new consultation?
For patients who have had a consultation with Dr. Andrich within the past year and want to schedule an appointment for the same condition, please select the “follow-up appointment” option. However, if it has been over a year since your last consultation, please choose the “new consultation” option instead.
Does my GP, consultant or physiotherapist have to refer me?

If you plan to make a health insurance claim, it is possible that you will require a referral letter from your healthcare practitioner or general practitioner (GP). We recommend contacting your insurance provider to verify your coverage for the consultation and any potential treatments that may follow.

If you have been referred by your GP or physiotherapist, please feel free to contact the booking teams to schedule an appointment.

Monday and Friday appointments at HCA The Shard,
call 0207 0794 344

Thursday appointments at The London Clinic,
call 0207 616 7693

Can I refer myself?
While it is possible to self-refer to see Dr Andrich, please note that if you intend to make a health insurance claim, your insurance provider may require a referral from your general practitioner (GP) before authorising your consultation and treatment.
If you are personally funding your treatment, you have the option to refer yourself directly without the need for a GP referral.
What do I need to bring to my initial consultation?
If you have undergone any previous scans (MRI, CT, or X-Ray) pertaining to your condition, kindly bring them with you to your consultation. Additionally, please bring any copies of letters from your GP or specialists that you may have.
What happens at the initial consultation?
Dr Andrich will attentively listen to your concerns, evaluate the issue at hand, and create a personalised treatment and recovery plan that suits your needs. As part of the diagnostic process, they may recommend additional investigations such as an ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, or blood tests. These tests can be conveniently arranged in the clinic on the same day.
Will I require a follow up appointment?
If you have undergone diagnostic investigations, a follow-up consultation is likely to be needed. During this appointment, Dr. Andrich will review your test results, discuss suitable treatment options for your condition (such as discharge, referral, further treatment or follow-up, or scheduling a nursing appointment), and provide a detailed explanation of any necessary surgery as well as guidance on the post-operative experience.
What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, kindly notify us as soon as possible so that we can offer the appointment slot to another patient. Please note that we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee if the appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice. In the event of arriving late, your appointment may need to be rescheduled for a later time on the same day or on another day. To reschedule your appointment, please contact our hospital appointments lines:

Monday and Friday appointments at HCA The Shard,
call 0207 0794 344

Thursday appointments at The London Clinic,
call 0207 616 7693

Will there be any additional costs for further tests or treatments?
The majority of insurance companies will provide coverage for additional test or treatments, such as physiotherapy. However, we recommend contacting your insurance to obtain pre-authorisation for any additional tests, investigations, or treatments you may require.

Scans and imaging appointments

Can I have imaging done on the same day as my appointment?
If you require an ultrasound scan, Dr. Andrich usually can schedule your scan to align with your follow-up appointment. However, for more specialised investigations such as CT, MRI, urethrogram, and VCMG, appointments must be booked directly with the imaging department. It’s worth noting that every patient will receive a CD containing their examination images for their records.
Can my previous scans be transferred from another hospital?

HCA London Bridge Hospital and The London Clinic provide a cutting-edge picture archiving communication system (PACS) that allows radiologists and consultants to access your medical images. Rest assured, all patient information is securely protected and stored using stringent security measures. If you need to transfer your diagnostic imaging from other hospitals to Dr. Andrich’s hospitals, kindly complete the electronic imaging transfer form.

Why do I need to arrive early for my scan?

For a seamless scanning experience, we kindly ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled scan. This allows sufficient time for registration and getting ready for the investigation.

Is there anything I need to do ahead of my scan?

If you are scheduled for an MRI scan or X-ray, it is important to inform us and the radiographer if you have a pacemaker, metallic implant, or any other medical device. Additionally, please notify us and the radiographer if you suspect you may be pregnant. Unless instructed otherwise, you are free to eat and drink normally both before and after the scan. Detailed instructions specific to your appointment will be provided in your appointment letter, so please review it attentively.

To ensure the best possible visualisation of the bladder and pelvic organs during most ultrasound scans of the urinary tract, we recommend arriving with a comfortably full bladder, but not overly distended. This will help optimise the quality of the scan.

Are there any risks from having an X-ray?

Having an X-ray carries minimal risks, as the radiation doses used in these examinations are relatively low and similar to natural background radiation levels. The use of X-rays is closely regulated, and their benefits are carefully evaluated against the potential risks. If you are a female patient who is pregnant or suspects pregnancy, please inform the radiographer. They will assess the situation and determine if any special precautions are necessary.

When will I receive the results of my scan?
Following your scan, a highly skilled Consultant Radiologist with expertise in the specific area will meticulously examine the images and generate a detailed report, which will be made accessible for your consultation with Dr. Andrich. In addition, the report will be uploaded on your Carebit patient portal within 48 hours. Dr. Andrich will thoroughly review the report and provide a comprehensive discussion of the findings with you.


Why do I need to give my card details?

Regardless of insurance coverage, the hospital will request your card details because some insured patients may have an excess or shortfall amount to be paid. It is important to emphasise that Andrich Urology does not have access to your card details.

What happens to the information that patients provide?
We analyse some clinical data to conduct audits and assess the quality of care Dr Andrich delivers. This process allows us to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness and potential risks of treatments provided.

While we may share aggregated and anonymised data with the hospital or publish our findings, rest assured that no personally identifiable information will be included.
How secure is my personal data?

Under no circumstances will we disclose personally identifiable data to any third parties without obtaining your explicit permission.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, including cash, cheques, and major credit cards such as American Express. It is the responsibility of all patients to settle their accounts, even if an insurer or third-party sponsor fails to make full payment.

To make payment convenient and efficient, we provide the following options:

  • Express Pay: You will receive a secure link via email after your appointment, allowing you to make an immediate payment.
  • Bank transfer.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our billing team at

How can I be sure my insurance will cover me?

Before visiting Dr. Andrich, it is essential to contact your private medical insurance provider to verify if your consultation and imaging appointments are covered, and to determine if a GP referral is required. It is crucial to obtain confirmation from your insurer before scheduling an appointment. Your insurance company will provide you with an authorisation code, which should be provided when booking your appointment, along with your policy or membership number. When attending your consultation and/or treatment, please remember to bring the pre-authorisation code and your policy or membership number.

What happens if I have an overseas insurer?

If you have insurance through an overseas insurer, you will be required to pay on the day of your appointment and then claim back from your insurance company. However, if you present a letter of guarantee with all the correct details we may be able to deal directly with your insurer.

What is the process if I am paying for my own treatment?

For patients who are self-paying for their consultation, diagnostic imaging services, or treatment procedures, we kindly request that you make full payment at your earliest convenience.

Upon booking your appointment or procedure, an invoice will be generated and sent to you via email.

If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding your invoice, please feel free to reach out to us at

What is the process for international patients?

If you reside outside of the UK and are traveling to the country for treatment, we kindly request payment at the conclusion of your appointment. Receipted invoices can be provided for your records.

What is the process for embassies or sponsored patients?

Embassy or sponsored patients are kindly asked to bring a letter of guarantee on official letterhead, clearly stating Dr. Andrich’s responsibility for their consultation and treatment, with Dr. Andrich specified as the designated invoice recipient. Failure to provide the letter of guarantee may require direct settlement of the account on the day of the appointment.

How can I find out the cost of my surgery?

Dr Andrich will provide you with an estimate of the overall treatment cost, including hospital and anaesthetist fees, in addition to the consultation fee. Please be aware that we are only responsible for collecting the consultant fee and do not have control over any other fees.

Will there be any additional costs for further tests or treatments?

The majority of insurance companies will provide coverage for additional test or treatments, such as physiotherapy. However, we recommend contacting your insurance to obtain pre-authorisation for any additional tests, investigations, or treatments you may require.

Clinical Outcomes

What are clinical outcomes?
Clinical outcomes encompass measurable changes in a person’s health resulting from medical interventions. These outcomes assess the treatment’s impact on personally significant factors like pain levels and voiding function. To evaluate these changes, data is collected from patients before and after treatment, considering their overall health, age, gender, and physical activity. This comprehensive approach allows for a better understanding of treatment effectiveness and its impact on patients’ well-being.
Why is collecting clinical outcomes important?
Measuring clinical outcomes allows for audits and evaluations of treatments and the quality of care provided by Dr. Andrich. This information empowers patients and Dr. Andrich to make informed decisions about the most suitable treatment options for specific conditions.
Do clinical outcomes have to be collected?
Although not legally required, we view the collection of clinical outcomes as an essential aspect of maintaining the highest treatment standards.
What are patients asked to do?
Patients are given pre- and post-treatment questionnaires to complete, with the frequency and timing depending on the specific condition. We encourage patients to personally fill out the questionnaires to obtain an authentic reflection of their feelings. Their satisfaction with the treatment outcome is our top priority.
Is taking part compulsory?
Absolutely not. It is not mandatory for patients to complete the questionnaires; however, we strongly encourage all our patients to do so. The more patients who participate and complete the questionnaires, the more reliable and valuable the results and insights become. Ultimately, this benefits future patients by enhancing our understanding and improving the quality of care we provide.
How are the questionnaires completed?
Patients have the option to conveniently complete the questionnaires online. Prior to their initial appointment, patients will receive an email containing a link. The questionnaires utilized encompass three different types, each assessing various aspects of your health. Some questionnaires may also be referred to as ‘PROMS’ (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) or ‘scores’.
What is a patient history questionnaire?
This form gathers information about your condition, overall health, and previous surgical history to help Dr Andrich better understand your condition and overall health.
What is the IIEF-5, I-IPSS PROMS
  • The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) Questionnaire
  • The International Prostate Symptom score (I-IPSS) Questionnaire
  • Patient-Reported Outcome Measure for Urethral Stricture (PROMS)

These questionnaires are concise and straightforward online assessment tools designed by an international organization focused on health outcomes. Its purpose is to evaluate an individual’s overall health and well-being, enabling us to track any fluctuations or improvements in their general health with regards to specific urological health concerns.

What happens to the information that patients provide?

We analyse the data to assess and assess the quality of care we provide. This helps us gain a deeper understanding of the advantages and risks associated with the treatments we offer, allowing us to make necessary improvements and advancements.

While we may share our results or exchange information with our healthcare partners, it is important to note that this will involve only aggregated and anonymized data, ensuring that no personally identifiable information is disclosed.

How secure is my personal data?

While we do collect personal information such as your name and date of birth, this is solely for the purpose of linking the answered questionnaires to the corresponding treatment provided.

Rest assured that under no circumstances will any personally identifiable data be shared with any third parties without your explicit permission.