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    Andrich Urology
  • Welcome to
    Andrich Urology
  • Welcome to
    Andrich Urology

A world leading expert in reconstructive urology ensuring best possible outcomes for patients

“Genitourinary complications can be reduced by careful urological assessment before salvage treatments are administered”
Dr Andrich is passionate about improving the quality of life of prostate cancer survivors and patients suffering from urethral strictures and urinary incontinence, but equally enjoys helping patients who suffer from recurrent cystitis and referred testicular pain to find a solution with a holistic and scientific approach.

Dr Andrich is specifically skilled in the multidisciplinary management of complex genitourinary problems including scar tissue (anastomotic contracture), fistulas, radiation cystitis and voiding dysfunction often seen in survivors of genitourinary cancers. Dr Andrich offers advanced surgical care to restore urinary continence.

“The ability, volume and experience of your surgeon is the most important factor in achieving successful outcomes in complex cases by good judgement”

Supporting patients to understand treatment options of their condition and making the best choice for individual circumstances is the aim of the consultation.

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Greater certainty over your health in a single visit

Following a remote or face-to-face consultation, the aim is to assess your condition, coordinate your tests and provide medication or book your surgical treatment on the same day if indicated.

In short, you’ll benefit from knowledgeable specialist opinion, with the least inconvenience, in the safest of environments.
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    We strongly encourage you to consult with your health insurer to determine accurate information about your coverage and benefits for a particular health care service provided by Dr Andrich in the facilities at HCA London Bridge Hospital and The London Clinic.

    It is important for you to know your insurance plan and how much of your deductible you have met. Your out-of-pocket responsibility will vary based on your individual insurance plan and deductible.

    Peer & Patient testimony

    “Daniela has been an international leader in her field of functional urology for many years now. Having been trained by the best of the best, she now occupies this hallowed niche. I am honoured to call her a colleague.”

    (Professor Chris Eden)

    What patients say about Dr Andrich

    “I also thought it might be interesting for Daniela Andrich MD to see a patient again after 15 years to see the results of her work. I always wanted to thank her for the operation, I was in such a bad way and had gone up hope, her skilful surgery changed my life and enabled me to live a normal healthy life.”