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Find out more about the specialist urology care Dr Andrich provides.

Patient-centred care

Dr Andrich will support her patients to understand treatment options to make the best choice for individual circumstances, irrespective of the specialist or general urological nature of the problem.

Dr Andrich is specifically skilled in the multidisciplinary management of complex genitourinary problems and voiding dysfunction which can arise after prostate cancer treatments. Dr Andrich offers advanced surgical care to restore urinary continence and works with highly skilled associated professionals (e.g physiotherapists, nurse specialists) to provide a holistic approach to functional urological problems.

Dr Andrich usually receives patient referrals from Urologist colleagues or GPs, and you may have had already tests conducted. However, you can also book a consultation directly if you would like to self-refer.

Whether you’re referring a patient, or booking for yourself, get peace of mind with:
  • Fast and accurate results service
  • world-leading expertise
  • multi-professional collaborative approach to obtain best outcomes
  • unrivalled patient support

One-stop approach

You can meet Dr Andrich in her clinic rooms at The Shard or at The Harley Street Clinic.
During the initial consultation, which lasts approximately 30 minutes, you will discuss your clinical symptoms and overall health.

If you haven’t undergone any tests yet, they will be requested.

If surgery is not required, investigations will be arranged to diagnose your condition and establish a treatment plan during your follow-up appointment.

Dr. Andrich collaborates with radiology specialists who conduct specialized investigations to assess and understand complex reconstructive issues.