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Information for patients

Dr. Andrich provides transparent and competitive pricing for both general and specialist procedures. Our priority is to offer timely access to expert diagnosis and treatment without any waiting lists, tailored to your convenience.
To ensure transparency, we will provide you with full cost details for any necessary surgical procedures. Before scheduling any surgical procedure, we will obtain your consent and provide you with the procedure code and a quote, ensuring that you are fully informed about the costs involved.

Outpatient consultation

Here is a breakdown of the outpatient consultation fees at our practice.
For AXA, BUPA, and Vitality members, Dr. Andrich’s consultation fees for outpatient services are set at agreed rates. However, for members with other insurance companies, an excess will apply. This means that the patient will be responsible for covering any remaining costs beyond the agreed rates.
Outpatient consultation fees Initial consultation Follow-up consultation
Self-funded patient £320 £220
Embassy patient £320 £220
AXA PPP member £145 £110
BUPA member £220 £165
Vitality member £225 £165
All other insurance companies £320 £220

For your convenience, we provide the option to bill your insurance company if you provide us with your insurance policy number and authorisation code before your consultation. However, please be aware that if your insurance company fails to pay the account within six weeks from the issue date, the responsibility for payment will fall to you. In such cases, it will be necessary for you to directly communicate with your insurance company to resolve the matter.

If you are self-funding your treatment, we kindly request that you settle the account prior to your consultation. Please note that Andrich Urology does not offer credit or account facilities. However, we have partnered with Chrysalis to offer a third-party credit facility (for surgical procedures only). If you are interested in exploring this option, our billing team will be happy to assist you further. Feel free to reach out to them at

Surgical Treatment

We value transparency and want our patients to be well-informed about consultant fees for surgical treatments. Understanding the financial aspect of healthcare is crucial, and we are committed to providing accurate and comprehensive information.

To simplify the process, we offer a personalised online quote for your specific surgical needs. This quote will outline the consultant fees associated with your procedure, giving you a clear understanding of the financial considerations involved.

Our aim is to empower you to make informed decisions about your healthcare by providing transparent information about surgical treatment costs. Throughout your journey with us, we are dedicated to offering the necessary information and support you need.

Interest free loans

We provide interest-free fixed term loans through our partnership with Chrysalis Finance, allowing you to conveniently spread the cost of your treatment. Our collaboration with Chrysalis Finance ensures ethical lending solutions, and they are the sole organization in the UK capable of offering a comprehensive and fully compliant consumer credit processing service. Please note that flexible finance options are exclusively available for surgical procedures.

Book an appointment

To book an appointmnet, the dedicated hospital booking teams are available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. They can assist you with the self-pay process and provide any required information. If you have any additional enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our Admin team at We’re here to support you and address your needs.

Before your scheduled appointment with Dr. Andrich, we will provide you with our Patient Agreement, which requires your signature. This agreement serves as confirmation that you have been fully informed about the treatment’s terms and conditions. It also emphasizes your understanding that you are ultimately responsible for settling your account in the event that a third-party sponsor or insurer fails to make full payment. In such cases, you may be required to cover any remaining balance or shortfall.