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Revision urethroplasty

  • Length of surgery:
    3-6 hrs
  • Anaesthetic:
    General anaesthetic
  • Hospital stay :
    Overnight stay 1-3 nights
  • Time off work :
    3-6 weeks
  • Time off exercise:
    6 weeks
  • Time to fully settle :
    3 months
  • Post-op care:
    wound check 1 week, urethral catheter removed 2-3 weeks

Revision urethroplasty is when a patient undergoes a secondary procedure on the urethra to correct a recurrent stricture of a previous urethroplasty.

This type of surgery is more challenging and the results can be less predictable.  It is important that patients wait at least one year from their last operation before having a revision urethroplasty.

Revision urethroplasty require the mastery of different techniques and may require the use of skin flaps or oral mucosal grafts, where graft can be taken from the patient’s* inner cheek or lower tongue. 

*There is no artificial or donor mucosal graft material medicinal product available.

Common reasons patients opt to have revision urethroplasty include; recurrent urethral stricture, urethrocutaneous fistula, penile shaft skin tethering, meatal deformity and voiding issues.